Rodent Removal

Did you know that some rats can squeeze through a hole nearly the size of quarter? While some people think rats have a collapsible skeleton, their bone structure is very similar to a humans. Due to their long, slender bodies, they’re able to wiggle their way through. This means that unless your home or business is perfectly sealed at every corner a rodent will likely get in at some point or another.

You can easily tell if you have a rodent problem. If you hear scratching noises from the attic or in the in walls or notice obvious chewing damage, you likely have an issue. They most commonly get into the attic after coming in through a flaw in your roof. They can also get in through open garages, or if your garage isn’t sealed well. In colder temperatures mice and other rodents will look for a warm place where they can take shelter for the night. They also like warm areas to have their offspring in.

Having Problems With Roof Rats? Texas Exterminators Can Help

These same rats living in a home can contaminate it with feces and urine so Texas Exterminators will perform rodent removal by trapping to prevent serious health problems. We can determine through an evaluation how many rodents are present within the home.

We can then provide a permanent solution to your rodent problem by discovering the points of entry and closing them as rodents, like rats or mice, carry diseases that are deadly to humans such as hantavirus or rat bite fever and that must be prevented. An increase in allergy and asthma problems is another way that rodents can cause harm to humans.

With asthma, allergies, and illness, the risk of problems is higher the longer you let the rodent infestation persist. This is one reason why it’s important to know that if you have already seen a couple rodents around your home you usually have many more waiting to be discovered.

Do You Have Rats In House? Call Texas Exterminators

The rodent removal professionals at Texas Exterminators have the knowledge and training to get any job done quickly, effectively, and professionally so once a convenient date is schedules our technicians will begin the necessary repairs & rodent control.

We are professionals and we’ll provide a permanent solution to your rodent infestation problems by determining all vulnerable entry points and sealing these areas of vulnerability with the right materials and closed off the correct way.

Removal of unwanted rodents and their offspring or dead pests from your home or business is a process that should be performed by a pest removal professional to get the best and safest results. We can remove any dead pests, their odor, and disinfect the area to ensure that the rodent removal process is carried out in the most humane way possible and the areas infected are sanitized to help remove the risk of disease.

To get more information on Texas Exterminators Rodent Removal, or to talk about other pest infestation problems you have, contact the rodent removal professionals at Texas Exterminators today.

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